All of Our Marbles

I saw Olafur Arnalds two nights ago, and man was it so incredibly beautiful. I only have a few minutes today, I have to run and get ready for my cousin’s wedding. But the beauty of those strings, pianos, bass really shook me up in a fantastic way. I left with this powerful sense of gratitude for everything that I have – to be alive, to have time to experience things, to have good friends and family, to be able to live with love and joy, and I left with a powerful sense of peace that I’ve been missing for a while, just because things are so hectic. It was truly wonderful, I can’t recommend it enough. And I suggest also that a microdose of LSD is probably the perfect way to experience it, but that’s best left as a story for another day!

Anyway, I had this idea while driving yesterday:

The key to the on demand economy (informational and material) is that people want to make as micro commitments as possible to exercise as much autonomy over their realities as possible. Extrapolating just a bit further, we can theorize that people want to inhabit as many realities as possible.

This is just a theory, but I think it’s a nice theory in that it explains a lot of how the world has changed, and specifically what types of gigantic businesses have been and are being built, and is still explanatory for the future, in that you could extrapolate from this to hypothesize about what are other things that would be successful businesses in the future. You see how the subscription model, the on-demand model, smartphones, news feeds, would all emerge or at least align with this theory. Storytelling, books, movies, entertainment. You break the information or material into the smallest possible pieces deliverable directly to the consumer at any moment that they request it.

And the last sentence is really looking into the future, you can see with VR, blockchain, etc. that people are going to be able to modularly exercise control over different components of their reality and I believe humanity’s experience will go that way – we’ll end up in the Matrix.

On the other hand, AI is interesting because it doesn’t fit the theory. Maybe the desires of corporations are different than those of individuals, as I think AI is an enterprise technology. It abstracts and hides away individual choice – it makes the choices it thinks are best, for you.

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